Siena Margorian

Boursière McCall MacBain 2024

Faculté des sciences de l'agriculture et de l'environnement, M. Sc. (Ressources renouvelables)

Études :
Queen's University (B. Sc. San. 2023, B. Éd. 2024)

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Siena recently completed her bachelor's degree in biology and is a fifth-year concurrent education student at Queen's University, majoring in outdoor education and experiential learning. She started the Armenian student association and currently leads a team of 40 students as president of the climate crisis action group. Siena also volunteers as a first aid responder and as a Scouts troop leader-in-training. She spent last summer researching the ecology and parental behaviours of burying beetles. Siena will pursue a master's degree in renewable resources at McGill's Macdonald campus.